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"Are Analysts overoptimistic around Seasoned Equity Offerings?" [full text]
"Auditor Compensation and Audit Failure: An Empirical Analysis” 
"Competition and IPO Underwriting Fees: The Time Series Evidence"
"Corporate Strategy and Investment Analysis," March 1996. 
"Dividend Policy in a Restructuring Company: The Case of Pacific Enterprises," May 1995.
"Economic Analysis of Transfer Pricing for Tax Purposes," a report prepared at the request of the American Law Institute, July 1986. 
"Exchange Rate Volatility and the Value of the Option to Introduce a New Product," April 1991, revised November 1997. 
"Fundamentals-Based Versus Market--Based Models of CDS Spreads”
"Industry Returns around Seasoned Equity Offerings"  [full text]
"Ownership Structure and Stock Market Liquidity"  [full text]
"Systematic Differences in Real Interest Rates Internationally"
"The Relationship Between Option Trading Intensity and the Market Microstructure of the Underlying Security"  [full text]
"The Value of Corporate Control: Some International Evidence," November 2003.  
"Value of Corporate Control: Some International Evidence,” November 2003, revised. [full text]
"Valuing Intangibles for Buy-in Payments in Cost Sharing Agreements: Risk and Reward” 
"What Drives Option Liquidity"  [full text] 
"Why Partial Deregulation Is Not Sustainable: Lessons from Ten Industries," May 1992.


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